Connecting gamers.


Kuvo is a social platform with custom features tailored for gamers.
Kuvo serves as a connection touch point for streamers, content creators and ordinary gamers.

NOTE: Project is on hold for now, so this case study is not 100% complete.

Project goals

Project goals are to build MVP and create a great user experience for users.

Business Goals

Grow the user base and validate an idea.


  • UX
  • Defining the problem
  • Research
  • Building Personas
  • Creating User Stories and User Flows
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI and visuals



  • Feb 2018 – Apr 2019


  • Pen & paper
  • Adobe CC Package

The Problem

Problem is that millions of gamers are not connected in the right way, gamers way. User profiles on other social platforms are static, boring and without any customization. They don’t support any in-game integrations. The current state of the industry is on gaming influencers and e-sport teams, leaving hundreds of millions of gamers outside of the ecosystem.

Quantitative Market Research


The video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, from nearly 78.61 billion in 2017.
There are more than 2.5 billion video gamers from all over the world.

Regional (Balkan)

The number of gamers on the Balkan is around 20M. The goal is to have 1% (200K) of that market on our platform.


Pros and cons of Kuvo vs other platforms.
Cons are that we are competing vs big platforms that have a big user base already.
Pros are that we would have:
  • In-game integration and statistics
  • Customizable profiles
  • Option to choose your preference as a regular user, streamer or content creator
  • Everything would be in one place

Potential Solutions

A potential solution is to create a social platform for gamers, that will fulfill their needs that gamers have and connect them on the one platform. They would get the freedom to create dynamic and custom profiles. Gamers will have fully supported in-game integrations for statistics, communication, etc. Single virtual profile for tournaments, games market, etc.

Target Audience

We can separate the target audience into three groups:

  • Regular user – normal user that would like to use default features
  • Streamer – a user who would like to have the option to stream his content while playing video games
  • Content creator – user that make his content in the form of video on demand (VOD)
Any user has the option to choose between one of the predefined templates for each role or to customize his profile however he likes. Each persona has different preferences that he wants to emphasize, for a streamer that will be stream preview when he is live instead of cover image that regular user has, or if you are the content creator you would like to have latest videos shown on the top of the profile.

Creating User Stories

For each user type, we had different user stories. Beside all regular features that users want, here are some of the custom for each user. A regular user is a base, streamer and content creator have additional features.
Here are examples for each user:

Regular User

  • As a user, I want to have game integration on my profile so other gamers who visit my profile can see my stats
  • As a user, I want to have match statistics of my last 10 games on my profile page


  • As a streamer, I want to have stream preview when someone checks my profile
  • As a streamer, I want to have streaming schedule
  • As a streamer, I want to have a separate streaming page where I can interact with followers/subscribers while streaming

Content Creator

  • As a content creator I want to have a slider with my latest videos or playlists on the top of the page
  • As a content creator I want to have the option to make Vote for my followers/subscribers

Prioritizing Features

From User Stories, we know what features to prioritize for MVP. Here are some of them.
Here are examples for each user:

Regular User

Content Creator



To save time and explore as many ideas as we can in a short amount of time, we decided to start with paper wireframes and sketches. This allows us to make mistakes fast and get on track without wasting precious time. After many variations, we ended up using this wireframes for each profile.

UI and Visuals

home page

Default profile

Content Creator



E-sport team fan page


H1 – 24pt Regular Open Sans
H2 – 20pt Bold Open Sans
H2 – 20pt Medium Open Sans
Body – 16pt Regular Open Sans
Body – 15pt Regular Open Sans
Body – 14pt SemiBold Open Sans
Body – 14pt Regular Open Sans

Body – 13pt SemiBold Open Sans



Next Steps

  • Start collaborating with developers and build the MVP with key features
  • Launch and test MVP
  • Make corrections and add new features based on user feedback and business goals
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