Who is "me"?

Hello! My name is Mihajlo better know as Budo. I’m a UX/UI and Product designer focused on solving business problems and creating delightful user-centered and human experiences.

Before I changed my focus to UX/UI and Product design, I used to design logos and build websites. It was interesting for some time, but later it wasn’t challenging enough. So about 4 and a half years ago I refocused myself from just ordinary “order-taker designer” to someone who is more involved in problem solving, strategic process and decision making.

Gaming and User Experience o.O?

I used to spend a lot of time playing games. Everyone thinks that it’s just a waste of time, but how that actually helped me to became better at UX?
Decision making – When milliseconds decide if you are going to lose or win, if you are going to die or live, you have to make decisions, a lot of them, in a short period of time. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but over time you make smarter decisions and become better.
Focus – While playing you have to stay FOCUSED. If you are not focused you will get distracted easily and you may fail hard.
There are also some downsides, but always try to learn and get best from anything.

Hobbies and interests

When I’m not designing, I like to draw mandalas and make linocuts. Also, I like to read and learn new things. I’m interested in exploring Hinduism and Buddhism, from which you can learn and experience a lot.

Looking for someone to collaborate with, or just to say hello?
Feel free to reach me out 😀