Parking made easy.


Parkinggo is a company that provides smart parking services.
Parkinggo app serves as an online reservation service for parking spaces.

Branding Statement

Parkinggo provides smart parking services to efficient customers in a reliable environment with an effective voice, helping them feel organized and save time.

Project goals

The goal is to build easy to use booking app for parking spaces that will save users time and get them more organized and stress-free.

Business Goals

Find key features that will help users to use the app with ease and validate the idea.


  • UX
  • Defining the problem
  • Research
  • Building Personas
  • Creating User Stories and User Flows
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI and visuals


  • April – June 2019


  • Pen & paper
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

The Problem

Every day thousands of car drivers are facing problems with parking space. Car parking is a major problem in urban areas in both developed and developing countries.

Most users face these pain points every day:

  • Parking spots are hard to find
  • Time-consuming
  • Frustration and stress
  • Be late

Qualitative Interviews

I conducted different interviews to identify pain points and insights, that people have in their parking experience.
I interviewed 3 people, to understand their needs and behaviors when they are looking for a parking spot.


  • 2 male 
  • 1 female
  • age groups between 21-33 years


During the interview and later after evaluation, I understood what are some of the key pain points that they had while looking for a parking spot.

  1. They would almost always go earlier just to be sure that they will find a parking spot and do not get late.
  2. When they arrive at the desired destination they had to spend a lot of time looking for a free parking spot and sometimes they would not even find a free spot.

These two previous steps increase their frustration and stress level.


There are a lot of competitors in this market. Some of the popular ones are: SpotHero (America), Parkable (New Zealand, Australia & China), Parku (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands), Parkalot (Poland).
All of them are based on the same business model where they partner up with different facilities to provide parking spots.


Parkinggo is designed to have its own facilities, that are more protected. Also, there is potentialy an option to partner with other facilitators, but with the option to install our own equipment that will provide security to the user.
One of the key feature is to unlock your parking spot within the app, so you know 100% that no one will park by accident on your spot.


Competitors are already established in the market and to penetrate this market would be very hard for Parkinggo.

Other Options

Another option is to start developing Parkinggo infrastructure in the smaller developing countries, like Balkan countries (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, etc.) where the market is not preoccupied with competitors.

Potential solutions

The research made it evident what are some of the key difficulties that users had.
After summarizing gathered data, it was time to find potential solutions for their problems.

To solve key problems I had to prioritize potential solutions, and here are the most important ones:

  • Find nearby parking – the app will suggest you nearby parking when you enter the desired destination, or you can directly enter parking destination
  • Checkout process for reserving parking
  • Ability to make parking schedule in advance – if you have an appointment next week or month, you can reserve your spot on nearby parking, or if you visit gym 3 times per week, you can make a schedule for the whole month in advance
  • Directions – a guided path from your location to the parking spot
  • Unlock the parking spot with the app – this prevents other drivers to park on your place
  • Cancel reservation

These key features help users to be more organized and stress-free.

Defining Personas

After the user interview and research, I made 3 user personas to help me build empathy and get a better understanding of app target users.

Persona 1 - Jim Rust


Name: Jim Rust
Age: 33
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: CEO of VR tech startup
Income: $400,000/year
Status: Married, no children


Jim is highly organized and focused person, who value time over money.
He is passionate about his company, and he always wants to do more.
His second love is exotic cars.
Jim travels a lot all over the country, to connect with other CEO’s and make business relationships.
Whenever it’s possible he will go on a business trip in his exotic car.


  • Focused
  • Organized
  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Optimistic
  • Active

Technical ability

  • Tech savvy, advanced

His needs (Goals)

  • Jim wants to save time when he visits a new city with a simplified parking reservation process
  • He wants his precious car to be monitored and secured while he is on a business meeting
  • Jim does not want to be late for the meeting because he could not find a parking spot that day

His Problems & Pain Points

  • Be late on an appointment and lose reliability
  • Too much time spent looking for a parking place in a new city
  • Exotic cars are expensive to repair

Solution - How do we exceed his needs?

  • Save the time with scheduling your parking in advance
  • Don’t get late on a business meeting
  • Have a safe and secured parking spot

Persona 2 - Emma Miller


Name: Emma Miller
Age: 28
Location: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Freelance social marketing manager
Income: $70,000/year
Status: Single mom, 1 child


Emma is a single mom, that works as a freelance social marketing manager.
She is all about organization and efficiency.
On her first place is a 7-year-old daughter.
Because she needs to have flexible working hours, she chose a freelance path rather than fixed full-time position.
Her daughter has some minor health problems and she has to visit a doctor once a week at the same time.


  • Hardworking
  • Care
  • Responsible
  • Social
  • Active
  • Optimistic
  • Organized

Technical ability

  • Intermediate user

Her needs (Goals)

  • Care about her and daughters health
  • Be on time at a doctors office
  • Have flexible working hours
  • Organize her time and responsibilities

HER Problems & Pain Points

  • Be late at a doctors office
  • Reorganize schedule
  • Can’t find free parking nearby doctors office
  • Get stressed

Solution - How do we exceed her needs?

  • Make parking schedule for the whole month in advance
  • Help her get organized
  • Be stress-free

Persona 3 - Robert Smith


Name: Robert Smith
Age: 21
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Occupation: Door-to-door salesperson
Income: $50,000/year
Status: Single


Robert is a door-to-door salesperson. He wants to build the ladder in the sales world.
He works hard every day to achieve his goals.
Robert is always in the move, visiting new areas, cities, and countries every week, sometimes even daily.
He would like to automatize his parking process as much as possible, to save some time, and organize himself more.


  • Hard Working
  • Responsible
  • Charismatic
  • Organized
  • Social
  • Active

Technical ability

  • Regular user

His needs (Goals)

  • To automatize his parking booking process
  • To be able to cancel the reservation if his work schedule changes
  • To be able to visit more places and people

His Problems & Pain Points

  • He spends to much time on parking research because he moves a lot
  • Working with people is stressful

Solution - How do we exceed his needs?

  • Give him the option to have a default payment system
  • Give him the option to cancel a reservation if needed and give him a refund or at least partial one
  • Help him to organize his parking schedule and save him a bit of time
  • Help him reduce stress level

Creating User Stories

User stories helped me to understand how to align business goals with user needs.
Here are examples for each user:

JIM Rust

  • As a user, I want to be able to find nearby parking spots and reserve them in advance
  • As a user, I want to get directions from my current location to the parking location
  • As a user, I want my car to be safe while I am on the meeting


  • As a user, I want to have the option to organize my parking schedule in advance for a week or a month
  • As a user, I want to cancel my reservation if I have to
  • As a user, I want to have secured parking spot and be stress-free


  • As a user, I want to be able to save default payment gateway when booking parking spots
  • As a user, I want to cancel my reservation if I need to

Why Robert could potentially be a wrong target user for this app?

He’s average daily income is around $110 and he’s making around $13.8 per hour. For him, it would not be profitable to pay an average price of $10/hr or more and he would need to search for different solutions.
From this user, we got some insights for features like default payment method, but also we realized that this is more premium app for someone who is ready to pay more to have his spot safe and secured when he/she needs it. Also, we have to consider options to have lower prices in different areas, and/or to have minimal time interval for reservation like 15 mins.

User Flows

This User flow shows us every path that user follows through the app interface to complete a task.


Before starting creating high fidelity designs and prototypes, I like to start with paper wireframes, because they are easy to design and not so time-consuming so you can validate your ideas very fast.

Usability Test

Same users that I interviewed in the research process, participated in usability testing with paper prototypes. We got nice results with not any major issues with the prototype. I had to make minor changes and I was ready to work on high fidelity designs and prototypes.

UI and Visuals

The app is based on Google Material Design, with minor brand related changes.


H1 – 34pt Regular Roboto
H2 – 20pt Medium Roboto
Body – 16pt Regular Roboto
Body 2 – 14pt Regular Roboto
Links – 14pt Medium Roboto


The blue color is used as a primary color. Blue is associated with stability, trust, reliability, efficiency and also produces a calming effect.

As secondary color is used orange. Orange is associated with stimulation, success and it also stimulates mental activity and action.




After finalizing the visual design, I made this interactive prototype that will help users get better insights and understanding of the app.

Visit this link to view interactive prototype: Adobe XD prototype


I shared this interactive prototype with a few users and asked them to do a few simple tasks, like searching for a parking spot, adding favorite places, canceling a reservation, etc. Results were good, 4 / 5 users completed tasks with ease.


Working on this project was an interesting personal and professional journey. I learned a lot from this. User experience is about trying to fulfill user needs. Here are a few important learnings:

  • Work with users, listen to them and their feedback
  • Validate idea first, before launching any features
  • Also, have business goals in mind while solving user needs, if we manage to make the overlapping point between these two, we can make magic happen

Next Steps

  • Next steps would be to start collaborating with developers and build the MVP with key features
  • After launching the MVP and testing the market, we will probably need to re-evaluate the pricing strategy and target users, to see what approach would be best for ROI and future of the app
  • Add new features to the app based on user feedback and business goals
Thank you for reading this case study. If you have anything to ask or you are interested in collaboration, feel free to contact me.

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